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Making it Work workspaces are completely private and tailored to each customer with a dedicated IT infrastructure.

Customers benefit from a mix of open plan and meeting spaces, which also include kitchen and lounge spaces.

In addition, Making it Work members have access to our auditorium.

Making it Work membership terms can be anything between 1 and 5 years.

Our workspaces cater for companies with requirements from 10 desks to no maximum. Please speak to one of our team and we will work to provide options for your space requirement.

Making it Work is all about flexibility. If your space requirement changes, we can look at different options to upsize or downsize depending on your needs.

At Making it Work we have one single, all-inclusive customer service rate which includes: design, initial build-out, furniture, rent, utilities, business rates, services, and facilities.

In addition, Making it Work members get generous credits to access our meeting and event spaces.

Each Making it Work workspace is unique and bespoke to your business needs. Please speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Making it Work services include: 3 times daily workspace cleaning, daily waste collection, recycling, maintenance, and a dedicated building concierge that will act a as a first responder for all your business needs.

Our facilities include on-site showers with fresh towels, bike racks, storage, kitchens that are equipped with a fridge, dishwasher and a coffee machine, and regular delivery of coffee, tea, milk and fresh fruit.

We have a dedicated building concierge available during  business hours that will act as a first responder for all your business needs.

Each Making it Work workspace comes with the benefit of dedicated meeting spaces.

Additional meeting rooms can be delivered as a variation within the members workspace before or during their occupation.

In addition, there are bookable meeting & event spaces.

At Making it Work we ensure dedicated, fast, resilient, secure individual connectivity for each of our members.

With bandwidth of 1000Mbps from our primary network and 100Mbps from our backup, it is private Wi-Fi that supports enterprise-level authentication.

In addition to Wi-Fi, each desk has an ethernet connection and there are multiple points in conference rooms.

Yes, please speak to one of our dedicated customer service team about your requirements.

At Making it Work, we are committed to designing, delivering, and operating our workspaces with sustainability principles at the core.

Materials are sourced though a  responsible supply chain & our building management is committed to continuous sustainable operation & improvement.

Yes. We have installed extensive external planting at street level and on individual terraces providing a connection to nature. There is also  curated office planting within the workspaces.

Each workspace is managed for optimal thermal comfort through heat recovery ventilation with air quality sensors and  openable windows to ensure a healthy & productive work environment.